A blockchain-based solution to tracking and process optimisation in logistics
Blockchain Register for Import-Export
During the final workshop, held on September 29th 2023 - the results of the project were presented, along with a demo of the prototype! The Recording of the workshop is available on Youtube!  
The BRIE Project aims to enable all stakeholders in logistics to track shipping processes, manage the relevant documentation, and create new synergies for the management, storage and transit of goods in Europe. At the same time, it pursues the objective of easing the steps required by customs procedures and bureaucratic obligations. To this end, the BRIE Project is developing the technological core of an innovative distributed Data Clean Room.

Notarization and certification of documents, with certainty of source and authenticity
Notarization and non-repudiability
A selective data access system to preserve the confidentiality of sensitive or commercial data
Fine-grained access policies
Real-time tracking of processes and document exchanges to facilitate collaboration
Real-time traceability
Advantages of the solution
At the core of the technology infrastructure is a blockchain protocol capable of recording and notarizing all steps related to a transit of goods and the related documentary/bureaucratic process, enabling a traceability in real-time status of the shipment and ensuring non-repudiation of information.
A blockchain-based solution
The BRIE solution takes an innovative approach that allows-.
while still potentially public, to selectively grant access and visibility to published information to individual economic operators involved in the transit of goods

The data is encrypted and stored in the distributed system, and the owners specify the access policies by determining which users will be able to access what data.
An innovative solution of access control
To this end, the system uses attribute-based encryption for data storage and smart contracts for access control, integrity and linkage to process data. 

Finally, distributed data storage via IPFS allows participants to rely on the technology infrastructure to ensure continuous accessibility and authenticity of recorded documents.
The long term vision
Looking forward, a decentralized Data Clean Room for freight logistics can bring several benefits to the logistics industry
  • Facilitate access to and exchange of documentation and reduce burdens on operators
  • Facilitating control activities by competent authorities 
  • Reducing fraud, forgery of documents, collusion between operators
  • Optimization in the use of common logistical resources.
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BRIE - Blockchain Register for Import Export - is a project co-funded by Cyber 4.0, according to the provisions of the Decree of the Minister of Economic Development No. 214 of 12.9.2017, within the framework of the interventions related to the National Plan Industry 4.0
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